We are Upscore.

We bring data and digital publishing together, to power editorial teams and media brands.

Upscore provides Content-Intelligence through an integrated platform.

Data Platform

Editorial Tools

Content Recommender

Dynamic Paywall

Flexible Data-Platform

A wide range of original data on your content and its usage. Captured in real-time and immediately available. Due to the high level of detail and adaptability of the data, individual perspectives are easily possible.

Real-time analytic tools for editorial teams

Tailored to the requirements of dynamic publishing teams and hybrid business models. Detailed metrics, content scores and contextual information give you the overview and decision-making tools you need - on how your content is currently being used, what's happening over the course of the day and for long-term analysis.

Content Recommendations & Optimisation

Powerful tools for optimising the homepage and delivering high-performance content recommendations on any page. Smart algorithms increase the effectiveness of the offer - according to rules that you define.

Dynamic Paywall

Very flexible management and delivery of a wide range of paywalls, based on real-time usage data. Simple definition of target groups and addressing them without programming effort. Effortless integration into existing system landscapes.


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The Up Principle

Combining journalism, usage data and algorithms for more growth

The media landscape has changed and the way content is published is changing with it. The dominance of digital makes the task of always optimally creating, managing and monetising high-quality content the biggest challenge in modern publishing.

Our solution is the Up principle: easy access to real-time data, analytics tools and optimisation solutions in one integrated platform to drive journalistic and business growth in the digital world.

All Upscore dashboards and automation algorithms work with the same, homogeneous, real-time data. Easy-to-understand interfaces allow staff without deep analytic knowledge to work with the information and manage the content proposition across team boundaries.

As a result, data-informed decisions automatically become part of the work culture.


Editorial teams of different sizes and focus use Upscore, for example:

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