We are Upscore.

Our goal is to equip digital media organisations with the information and tools they need to grow successfully.

We believe in good journalism and the value of good content.

This is the motivation behind Upscore a one of the most modern and powerful solutions for managing and increasing the success of digital publishing business models.

It is important to us to work closely, openly and directly with our customers and partners. Only in this way can we find answers to these core questions together:

  • How can the content product be designed from a journalistic and economic point of view so that maximum benefit is created?
  • How can the product be managed manually or with the help of algorithms so that engagement, monetisation and attractiveness for subscriptions is increased?
  • How can editorial teams easily find out how individual articles resonate with the readers and which topics are the most relevant?
  • How can one ensure that the offer on a home page always lead to the best results?
  • Which of the many possible KPI should be used and weighted to assess the journalistic and economic success of content?
  • What does it take to create a culture of data-informed collaboration across team boundaries in a media organisation?

We provide the data and algorithms to help editorial and publishing teams answer these questions and to succeed in an increasingly complex environment.

The company

Since our platform was launched in 2015, we have been providing data, information, tools and algorithms that help editors and publishing teams make better decisions and be more successful.

We have developed the Upscore platform on highly scalable technology to accommodate the dynamics of digital publishing. We process several billion data records per month.

Upscore is based in Hamburg. Our platform and data are hosted exclusively in Germany according to European data protection standards.

The Team

Our development, product and operations team, like the management, comes almost exclusively from media companies. They therefore know the requirements of digital publishing and the cooperation with editorial organisations from their own experience. In addition, they have many years of practical experience in the development and operation of highly scalable systems.

Our management has worked for large media companies in Germany and Europe and advises clients on all questions regarding digital business models.

Looking forward to hear from you:

Andreas Demuth

CEO, Founder

More than 25 years of experience in digital publishing and subscription businesses. Before founding UpScore, he was CEO of an internet and media group in Central and Eastern Europe. Before that, he was Managing Director of AOL Germany and held various management positions at AOL Europe in London. As General Manager of a Bertelsmann subsidiary in Dublin, he built-up a pan-European subscription billing solution.

Christian Hasselbring

Business Development

In digital media since 1997. Before joining Upscore, he was Managing Director of stern.de, Head of Product at welt.de and morgenpost.de, Director Content for AOL Germany and held management positions at Tomorrow Focus, and other companies. Since 2013, he has been advising publishing houses with a focus on reach and subscription growth.

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